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Try This 5-Day Party Hair Plan To Nail Every Festive Party

If your December calendar is as filled with parties as ours is, then you’ll agree there’s little time for pampering in between. It’s all about disguising your panda eyes while making sure your beauty game is still strong as you roll into the next party. Sound familiar?

Adam Reed, ghd ambassador, has your festive season hair covered. “If you’re partying all five nights of the working week, you’ll want a different look for every night without having to spend much time on styling your hair. Create a party ‘hair plan’ for the week ahead that works around not washing your hair… Your hair plan is just as important as your outfit plan!” he says.

Day 1

Set the foundation for the week ahead with the perfect glossy blow-dry. Starting the week with a good blow-dry will create a base that will last all week as you won’t have time to wash and blow-dry your hair mid-week and those extra 30 minutes in bed each day can take priority. Use the ghd air hairdryer (R2 100) for the perfect at-home blow-dry.

Day 2

Create loose waves by tonging sections of hair using ghd curve soft curl tong (R2 550). Wrap your hair around the tong, facing away from the face, then massage the roots and brush through the curls using your fingers for an undone look.

Day 3

Your hair will start to look flat now, so refresh and revive it by creating super-quick texture and volume at the roots using ghd contour (R2 100). Crimp the underneath sections of hair around the crown, taking only five seconds per section to create long-lasting immediate volume. Spray with dry shampoo, then release the remaining hair on top and brush over for instant glamorous volume and a more beachy texture than the day before.

Day 4

Disguise greasy roots by creating a sleek, straight look with a statement centre parting. Use the ghd platinum+ styler (R3 200) to straighten hair, then tuck behind ears and smooth down using ghd final fix hairspray (R160).


Day 5

Create a smooth power pony. This strong party look actually holds better on hair that isn’t super-clean. Pull hair into a high, tight ponytail. Run the ghd platinum+ styler (R3 200) through the ponytail to smooth and give a quick polished finish. Tie a ribbon around the ponytail so the focus is on the ponytail and attention is drawn away from the front of your hair.


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