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If Pigmentation Is Getting You Down, You Need To Try This

Ugh, hello pigmentation…

We get it, pigmentation is one of those things that creeps up on you out of nowhere. One minute you’re rocking a fairly even skin tone and the next, you’ve got oddly shaped dark patches dotted around your face. Sound familiar?

As Kea Modimogale, Environ Distribution SA’s National Educator, explained to us, pigmentation is mainly caused by the overexposure of sunlight, which then causes your body to overproduce melanin in certain areas. Basically, your melanocytes kick into overdrive and release the darker pigment as a defense mechanism to protect your DNA from UV damage.

But the sun isn’t the only contributor (no need to pack in your morning run in the sun then); things like medication, environmental stressors and hormones can all be triggers. In fact, more and more studies are even linking the HEV light from our laptops and mobile phones as discolouration culprits.

So what should I do?

Skinpert Kea gave us the insider scoop into Environ’s new Focus Care™ Radiance + Range. This three-step skincare system has been designed as a skin treatment plan to tackle pigmentation, which works “first by prepping your skin, then the products to fade the dark marks and then even out the skin tone.”

  1. Start with the Mela-Prep Lotion 60ml, RRP R360:

This a luxurious lotion that lightens the dark marks or patches on your skin. Use your fingertips to apply it to the areas you want to target i.e. the dark spots on your face.

2. Next, the Mela-Fade Serum System 2 x 30ml, RRP R990

The second step focuses on fading. Take equal amounts of serum A and serum B (one pump of each works well), mix them together and once again only apply them to the darker areas on your skin.

3. Finally, apply the Mela-Even Cream 25ml, RRP R450

This cream is high in vitamin C, which means it’s great for brightening and giving your skin a glow or that extra radiance you’re looking for.

Will it work right away?

Think about whipping your body into shape. One visit to the gym doesn’t quite cut it, right? Same applies here. For really visible results you need to commit to this system. Just as Kea said: “We must understand that it’s not a quick solution but rather think of it as a lifestyle change or a management system for the rest of your life.”

Want to know more?

Watch our whole interview with Kea as beauty editor Sinead Martin goes in-depth about this revolutionary range:




Skin Pigmentation

NEW Environ Focus Care™ Radiance+ Range

Focus Care Radiance+™ Range

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